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About Michaela Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)


Welcome to Michaela Farm's CSA website!  Here you will find resources to learn more about our CSA, find our specific and personalized share options, and invest in a strong local food system and your health by subscribing to our CSA. 

The Spring/Summer 2018 CSA is open for business!  This year's CSA will be from May 8/11 through September 25/28, 2018.  Please peruse these pages for the latest information on plans and prices as well as frequently asked questions. To subscribe to the CSA click the "subscribe" link above and follow the directions.  If you have questions feel free to email us at michaelafarm@oldenburgosf.com or call 812-933-0661.

What is a CSA?  CSA stands for Community Sponsored Agriculture and is a great way for a community to know, personally, where its food comes from and who grows it.  You have input on what is grown and how it is grown.  You can experience the pains and joys of a food source truly connected with the rhythms and seasons of our climate.  You'll invest a certain amount of your financial resources in the farm, and in return, receive a share of our produce, (beef and eggs if your want them!) once a week.  From farm to fork with only your kitchen in between.  Interested in learning more about this set up and our farm?  Click the link above (FAQ) to go to our FAQ page.